Pendampingan Bisnis Digital Berbasis Q-RIS Untuk Mewujudkan Sentra UMKM Berbasis Kelurahan Di Kecamatan Medan Tembung Sebagai Wadah Praktik Kewirausahaan Dalam Mendukung Implementasi Kampus Merdeka

Azizul Kholis, Riza Indriani, Khafi Puddin, Jumiadi AW


One of the Merdeka Campus programs launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture is Industrial Practice for students, so that one form of entrepreneurship practice is important to put forward. PKM The implementation of QRIS is carried out in collaboration between LPPM Unimed and the Medan Tembung District Government because so far there have been communities or groups of MSME actors who have been assisted by the Medan Tembung District, namely as many as 145 MSME actors. Digital with the E-Gerai application that is guided through the 2020 LPPM Unimed PKM program. In the early stages as a QRIS pioneer, 10 (ten) MSME actors will be selected by the Medan Tembung District. The scope of PKM activities to be carried out includes business identification, problem mapping, problem solving FGD, QR Code creation, socialization and launch. Then the main advantage of this advanced program is the involvement of as many as 45 students as new Entrepreneur candidates as a form of implementation of the Merdeka Campus. This is at the same time a conversion of practical courses to support the Merdeka study program and the Merdeka campus at Unimed. The output of this activity is in the form of a QRIS-based online payment system for MSMEs assisted by the Medan Tembung District.

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